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FreeLCS stands for Free Loudness Correction Server. FreeLCS lets you automatically correct audio files to EBU R128 target loudness level.

The software lets you easily set up a server that shares one of it's folders to the network. Users of your network can then drop audio files to the server for automatic loudness correction. For each processed file the server also creates a loudness history graphics file which shows loudness variations inside the file.

The software is very fast even on modest hardware giving 15 times faster than realtime processing (16 bit stereo files, TruePeak measurement turned on) on a server with one Intel Core 2 Duo processor, 2 GB Ram, 3 internal Sata disks in software RAID 0.

FreeLCS uses other open source programs to get the job done (Linux, libebur128, gnuplot, FFmpeg / libav-tools (optional), sox, mediainfo). All software is free and Open Source.

More detailed information can be found in FAQ, Features and User Manual.

Latest news:

2018.05.25 FreeLCS 3.5 released.

2017.08.30 FreeLCS 3.4 released.

2016.07.01 FreeLCS 3.3 released.

2013.03.11 Released introductory material about EBU R128 recommendation and FreeLCS. This version is in Finnish language only. The material tries to explain R128 concepts and FreeLCS usage in the point of view of a common user.  Read it here: Äänekkyyden Hallinta.

Older news can be found here.


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